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Once there was Waltari..and


One can´t deny the status of Finnish cross over monster Waltari, being a first FIN “metal-like” band export, which paved their way everywhere into the hearts of European music lovers already in early 1990s. But very few still know, that already at that time its singer Kärtsy Hatakka had another band in Finland called HEAD FIRST. The one and only real funk metal band from Finland! And that they could have had the same destiny what Waltari then had ! And this band now is releasing its debut…after 30 years of waiting! Let´s get back for a moment to the fold of the decades 1980-1990. Kärtsy played then simultaneously in

two bands, Waltari and Head First. The latter started to create some remarkable success in Helsinki area, with their danceable mixture of funk, metal and prog rock. They played then many live shows along with the other new hot Finnish bands. They got a slot also from one of the biggest Finnish festival Ruisrock, playing there just before their, at that time, most famous American twin called Living Colour. In some of the first Waltari songs it was also easy to hear the influence of Head First, especially in more of funky heavish songs!

“Head First was hot, all the biggest Helsinki live promoters loved the band, and we started to get bigger and bigger crowds”, Kärtsy remembers. But then something happened: Waltari surprisingly got the international record deal from Germany 1991, and the rest is then history. Waltari started to eat all Kärtsys time, and Head First was freezed for an indefinite time. BUT, they are back now! After 30 years! In fact already some years ago the band took its first steps towards getting activated, in form of some selected live shows in the capital area of Finland. Recording finally the first album was an definite aim! AND now it´s coming! The release date is May 27 nd 2022 through Metalville. Based on the biggest original live killers the material was still brought back to the atom and reformed for todays needs! Also in addition to the three original members Kärtsy, Jaani Marttila and Sami Timonen the new member was welcomed to the team: super funky bass madman Jesper Anastasiadis from Turisas! The new material was also written! So c´mon and step right into the world of old school funk metal with a fresh edge and burst out your mind with groovy beats, virtuoso playing and heart-racing energy of HEAD FIRST!


Head First is:
Kärtsy Hatakka: Vocals
Jaani Marttila: Guitars
Jesper Anastasiadis: Bass and Backing Vocals
Sami Timonen: Drums

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