Lost In Music – Festivaali

Annika Pudas is a Finnish pop-folk artist who is currently working on her debut album, which will be released in early 2024. 

The singer-songwriter, who is signed to Epic Records, has released two self-released songs from the upcoming album, as well as the singles “Aika”, “Pyyhi kyyneleet” and “Juhannuslaulu”, which have been played on Radio Helsinki, YleX and Radio Suomi.

Pudas, who is part of the traditional singer-songwriter continuum, captivates with his sensitive interpretation and under-the-skin lyrics, which can be heard this year on Lost in Music.

“The singles from the forthcoming album showcase the core of my creativity. I like to write small-big songs where the lyrics are the deepest core. In our fast-paced times, I’m a rebel and I rely on peace. As an artist, I am first and foremost a songwriter and then the other things that come with the songs,” says Annika Pudas.