Lost In Music – Festivaali

Atlases, who blend moody atmospheres with heavy sonic waves, released their third album “Between The Day & I” in June 2023, and have updated their music to a more crisp format.

Atlases, from Pori, are a strongly forward-looking six-piece line-up with a metallic starting point and a lot of experimental attitude in their brushes. On their third album, Atlases have taken an unprejudiced leap towards increasingly original expression. The post-metal elements are still present, but the band’s experimental attitude has also brought with it more typified songs.

The band’s atmospheric metal combines the use of three vocalists, crushing riffs and experimental soundscapes with a Twin Peaks-like sense of danger and serenity. Despite their rich sound, Atlases don’t rely on backing tapes for live performances, with all sounds being produced by the players.