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Babel is the band of two acclaimed indie pop artists; Karin Mäkiranta and Mikko Pykäri. Babel combines their own trademark textures and melodies in their music, creating their own version of the Cocteau Twins’ ethereal soundscape.

Babel’s debut album Yoga Horror, released in March 2022, explored the cult-like tendencies of meditative practice. “This new venture certainly expands on their past greatness with some exceptional and stylish modern pop.” Take Effect Magazine wrote in their 10/10 review. Pykäri, known for Regina and Shine 2009, has been one of Finland’s most internationally renowned pop music visionaries and producers of the first decade of the 21st century. Mäkiranta’s indie band Karina was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize for Best Album of the Year for their debut album, which Helsingin Sanomat described in a five-star review as one of the finest Finnish debut albums in years.

Babel’s latest release is the Mirrors EP, released in August. Babel’s five-track EP of soft and romantic kitsch is part of the Marriage album, which will be released in September. The Mirrors EP conjures up the same rich and engaging textures that the band have been developing since their early releases.

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