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DETSET – hailing from Tampere Finland – is a band that combines metal and rock elements with massive pop hooks, crushing riffs and a vast mix of harsh and clean vocals. Call the genre what you wish, be it metalcore, metal or hardcore, DETSET is definitely the freshest artists to come out of Finland in a long time.


The artist, yet to release their debut album has already achieved feats that many bands only dream of achieving during their whole career. DETSET have graced the Finnish festival circuit, played massive support shows and now signed a deal with the esteemed Out of Line Music.


DETSET released their first single on their new label home on June 30th. The single entitled GRAVES is a story about singer Sami Silvennoinen’s two sides, the dark shadow that follows him through life and the struggle for his other half to keep it hidden. The video, shot and produced by the band showcases the amount of work this artist is willing to put into their career as well as their incredible creative talent.


Following GRAVES, the band released their second single and music video SO OFFENDED on July 30th. This time, the song showcased the incredible difficulty of expressing oneself in today’s social media society without offending somebody from the pack.


Detset’s latest single THE MECHANIC was released in 15th of October 2021.


DETSET are announcing themselves to the world. We suggest you listen.

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