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For Erika Sirola, the act of creating is an impulse as natural as breathing. Growing up in Helsinki (and spending most summers with her mother’s family in Canada), Sirola first discovered the power of alchemizing pain into art as a young child. A songwriter since the age of eight, the 23-year-old Finland native landed her first record deal at 12 and spent much of her late adolescence and early adulthood living in such far-flung cities as L.A. and Berlin and London, gradually shaping a singular musical identity informed by everything from art-pop to techno to the more esoteric edges of folk, jazz and experimental music. Newly signed to Elektra Records, Sirola now makes her debut with Who?: a four-song EP documenting her coming-of-age as an artist and offering a dazzling first glimpse at the wild expanse of her creativity.

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