Lost In Music – Festivaali

jambo is a Finnish rap artist from Turku, more specifically from Kaarina. jambo’s journey towards the top of Finland’s music scene began in 2016, when the young artist made his debut with the song Kun sä tuut ni mä meen by the band Groundline. Five years and a bunch of recorded songs later, jambo debuted in the Finnish Top 50 with his song deäm in 2021. 

The winner of YleX’s Läpimurto 2022 audience vote, the artist who goes by the social media moniker @munsometili, has amassed a large fan base. Currently releasing music through Booa and Sony, the artist is known for numerous Spotify Top 50 singles such as perjantai (feat. Perjantai4000), tarviin tilaa (feat. william), ei nabbaa (feat. VilleGalle), kilsoi (feat. Cledos). The icing on the cake is the Reiviluola Remix, a collaboration with Haloo Helsinki that everyone should experience live. 

In late 2022, jambo released his debut album vapaa, which aimed to free the artist from the question of getting “a real job”. Some 10 million streams later, the question is quite irrelevant today. The 12-track set features not only william, Ville Galle, Perjantai4000, but also Costee and Timo Pieni Huijaus. 

One of Finland’s fastest growing artists, jambo is currently finishing his second album, the release date of which will be announced later. The young artist’s music is an insightful mix of electronic sounds, body-moving RnB and creatively lyrical rap. The artist performs intermittently with his band and concert DJ on an event-by-event basis. With a band of talented musicians and his friend/concert DJ Veeti Ossi, jambo live is a unique show that will leave no one cold.