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Jarkko Martikainen is a man of many cultural fields, whose activities have always been guided by the triad of singing, recording and touring. Since his solo career, which began in 2004, and especially since the release of his album Rakkaus in 2006, Martikainen’s definitions of art have broadened and his work has taken on more reflective tones.

Martikainen has been making and performing his music for over three decades. While making music, he has also published three books, produced albums by Timo Rautiainen, Trio Niskalaukaus and Samuli Putro. Martikainen’s longest-lasting work has been as the composer and lyricist of YUP: between 1988 and 2018, the band produced a total of 11 albums, two compilation albums and a history DVD.

Martikainen, who can be seen on the stage of Lost in Music, enjoys an unstoppable live performance and tours Finland hard, inspired by new music. His ninth album, Itse tehty elämä, to be released at the end of October, contains “little sarcasm or self-deprecation”.

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