Lost In Music – Festivaali

KAKKU is a new artist from Johanna Kustannus, whose debut single Mimmi DJ was released in March 2022, featuring Finnish rap legend Heikki Kuula. The singles Pahat pojat helvettiin and Ulkopuolinen, which are both carefree and witty at the same time, but also address topical themes, have been released this year. The artist is currently working on new music, which can be expected to be released later this year.

The artist, who has been into music and rap all her life, is at her best when she can tell big stories in her songs and mix styles to create moods that evoke nostalgic memories and something new and unheard of at the same time. The productions continue to feature both delicious melodies and clever use of lyrics. “The aim is to connect with listeners who, for at least three minutes or so, would see the world as I do,” KAKKU sums up.