Lost In Music – Festivaali

Timo Kaukolampi is a Helsinki-based experimental music artist and self-taught composer and producer. Kaukolampi’s goal is to destroy and recreate his musical output with each new project and release. On his research journey, Kaukolampi has created several musical treatises, such as K-X-P and Opel Bastards. Nowadays, he mainly focuses on his solo work and film music.

Kaukolampi does not believe in competition, but that an artist must fill the void that his music is meant to fill. He says he hates nostalgia. Having worked closely with Tuomo “P” Puranen (of K-X-P and Opel Bastards fame) on the art of film music, he has also gained the trust and recognition of many film professionals. In 2018, they won the Jussi Award for Best Original Soundtrack for the film Eutanizer, which was also selected to represent Finland at the Oscars. The album Inside the Sphere, released in June, is Kaukolampi‚Äôs latest production.