Lost In Music – Festivaali

In Krypta’s music, occult and Finnish rock meet in a new way. Combining ischemic hooks and melodic distortion guitars, the band’s poetic, wistful lyrical expression springs from the mysticism, horror and romance of the mind. In Krypta’s songs, the human mind is like a valley where nothing is what it seems – your own delusional thoughts lead you down paths you never expected to take. In Krypta’s world, the dimensions of time and place are one, and the lyrics are characterized by a contemplative nature of everything that is. Yet despite the melancholy, there is always a touch of hope in the lyrics.

Krypta is the solo project of Tyrantti songwriter and guitarist Henri Seger and its debut album, Outo laakso, will be released in November 2023 by Svart Records. So far, the artist has released his debut single Vala in June.