Lost In Music – Festivaali

Mørket, founded in 2015 is back. With two critically acclaimed albums (Musta Luonto, 2016 and Oro, 2020, KHY Suomen Musiikki), the Helsinki-based quintet has spent the now hopefully overdue years of cultural starvation building their skin and expanding their expression even further. The band has played in Tuska, Tavastia, Tullikamari in Tampere, and Lutakko with Turmion Kätilöt, Boris, and Mokoma. In the future, Mørket hopes to share their music with an ever wider audience.

With the line-up update on the Oro, vocalist Erik Lindroos’ native language Swedish was added to Finnish as a vocal language. This is an original and distinctive combination, also with a unique cross-Nordic potential. The vocal section of the new material alternates effortlessly between Erik and bassist Janne Leskinen, not forgetting Helena from Kohti Tuhoa, who lent her chops to the Dispyt track, and whose visit on a politically unashamedly straightforward track gives it a spine-tingling finishing touch.

Musically, Mørket’s expression includes the melodic delivery of modern songwriting giants such as Mastodon, in addition to the earlier Converge and Kvelertak, and the sincere joy of playing. Well, it’s up to the listener to decide how joyful a band that draws its inspiration from human suffering, death, overdoses, and loss, as well as the divisions and abuses of society and its leaders, can sound.