Lost In Music – Festivaali

Nyrkkitappelu has been touring successfully all year at festivals and clubs in Finland in support of their latest album Ongelmanuorten sävellahja. The Yo-talo show will of course also feature all the other Nyrkkis classics.

Nyrkkitappelu, one of Finland’s most popular punk rock bands for years, released their fourth album Isosta nyrkistä naamaan in 2020, which became a clear breakthrough album for the band. The long-playing album received great reviews and the subsequent gigs around Finland confirmed the band’s status as one of the toughest live bands in Finland. Nyrkkis released new music immediately after the album, including the radio hit Vitosen stretsit.

Soundi reported the following about Nyrkkitappelu’s live performances:

“The band roasted the best street rock currently being made in Finland along the lines of Iggy and the Stooges without any breathing space. The choruses, based on the band’s apt phrases and catchphrases, are irresistible, and on stage the action was generally as fast-paced as in the audience. The songs were just the right length to complete the proper rock movement.”