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After two years in the studio, it’s time to come back down to earth. Penniless is back on the road and will release its 11th album in early 2024. The band still enjoys making music and meeting audiences live. The new double single The Ones Behind the Lobotomy and a raucous show at Karmarock 2023 are proof of this. The new material will be heard at a few shows this year and early in 2024 all the new material will be seen live.

The forthcoming record, called Ego Catastrophe, will create something new while paying homage to the band’s role models and childhood heroes. At Lost in Music you can hear a small bite of Penniless’ upcoming album.

Penniless has not lost faith in the healing power of the alternative guitar, not forgetting the intelligent pluck of the bass and the raw thump of the drums. They’re all-in with an all-in attitude without any unnecessary gloss. While the band is excellent on record, it is also excellent live!

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