Lost In Music – Festivaali

Combining genres of R&B music in a skilful and personal way, Pihlaja’s lyrics explore life as it is lived, sometimes reflecting on difficult topics. Known as a singer-songwriter, Pihlaja came to the attention of a wider audience in 2020 with her chart-topping debut album Kirjoitettu tähtiin. The album also earned her a well-deserved nomination for Emma Gaala Newcomer of the Year. 

Pihlaja, who is originally from Tampere and has since moved to Helsinki, has a diverse musical background. In the summer, she conquered the stages of Ruisrock, Provinssi, Blockfest and many other festivals, and is known for her debut album – and several singles – as well as for her Ei bändäreit EP, which was released in early 2022 together with Etta. The song Bändäri went straight to number one and to the top of Spotify’s Top 100 list.

Pihlaja released her second album PAHA BARBI in early 2022. The album was preceded by the well-received singles Paha Barbi, Tatuoitu, Menee yli (feat. Tippa), Bon appétit, as well as Paha Barbi, which fills listeners hearts with love. Pihlaja, who has already questioned gender roles and pondered on femininity on her debut album, describes her album as an exploration of what kind of a woman she can and must be in this world.

Last June, the artist released the 2000s-tinged single Mama sano and, most recently, Sisko, a collaboration with ABREU about friendship and emotional ties. Like the love song, the song about friendship was warmly received by listeners and went straight to number two in the official top list. During the first part of the year, Pihlaja has also collaborated with other artists, performing feats on Jami Faltin’s Alax?, Gaselli’s Viimenen kesä and Ani Diablo.

Pihlaja, who is passionate about making music and performing, combines her own experiences, complex emotions from sensitive to strong and evocative melodies. To the bones and blood.