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Punomo is a retro soul band from Turku, Finland. The sound may be old, but this band is new – strong songs show how timeless soul music is. Punomo’s music is heavily inspired by the soul and funk music of 60s and 70s as well as today’s soul revival movement. But there’s one quirky detail: Punomo’s lyrics are in Finnish. This combination of timeless soul sounds and Finnish language gives Punomo its original and unheard-of sound. It’s as if you just found a dusty vinyl at a flea market by a band you never heard of and thought “wow, I didn’t know they made soul music in Finland in the 60s and 70s”.

Punomo´s debut album will be out on Spring 2022.

Punomo at Lost In Music
date: Thursday 7 October
venue: G Livelab
time: 20:15

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