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Roju is a new generation modern metal band, whose sound ruthlessly combines noughties nu-metal, modern metal, djent and metalcore. Debut single Calamity was intended to be a one-off, but the song’s worldwide positive reception from listeners and critics encouraged Roju to continue with the new sound. Third single Event Horizon debuted on Finland’s biggest heavy music radio station, Radio Rock. The band was voted one of the most promising newcomers of the year in Kaaoszine’s reader poll 2020. 

Roju released their debut EP NIL in 2021. The band’s releases have been streamed almost 200 000 times so far. The single Devil’s Bridge feat. Jani Korpela was the last release with original singer Joni Karjalainen. This year Roju got a new singer Tuomas “Tsuomasu”, and is working non-stop on new material with the current line-up. Roju can be recognized by their energetic live performance, heavy riffs and memorable melodies.

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