Lost In Music – Festivaali

Senya is an up-and-coming rap & R&B artist who wants her music to make people feel like the main character of their own lives. Named to YleX’s 2022 breakthrough list, Senya released her highly anticipated debut album, Vastaukset, at the end of 2022. The album continues the solid ambitious sound of the MAD, debut EP released in February 2022.

The album showcases a wide range of the artist’s strengths as a singer and rapper. The album tells the story of the artist’s personal feelings, which form an 11-song growth story. The versatile artist’s output includes an addictive sound and carefully considered lyrics that are easy for the listener to relate to. 

This year, the artist has released the singles Säröi sydämeen and Huoleton, which, like Senya, exude authenticity and attitude. Senya has also been featured on Kiki’s Sokerii and Evelina’s Ei paineita.

Senya has a strong musical background, which has included dancing and singing since her early teens. Drawing from the R&B sound of the late 2000s, Senya has ended up collaborating with top producers such as MD$, Fractious Frank and Danitello.