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Norwegian artist SKAAR’s voice flows like waters of the Norwegian fjords: crystal clear, immediate and unapologetic. SKAAR has found a natural ally in pop music. The young artist’s career began in 2018 with her debut single Higher Ground, which has since gone double platinum and featured on the soundtrack of Norwegian Netflix film Battle when SKAAR was just 19 years old. With over 50 million streams, eight top 40 singles and numerous award nominations, the artist arrives at Lost In Music accompanied by her upcoming double album Mad Woman. In the first half of the work, released in March this year, the artist unpacks traumas and experiences from toxic relationships to defining events of childhood.

SKAAR has released two albums prior to his latest release: her 2020 debut album The Other Side of Waiting, in which the artist explores the expectations and contradictions that come with success at a young age, and an acoustic album Waiting in 2021, which showcases the artist’s more sensitive side.

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