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Rock group Stoned Statues released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in April 2022. The band’s music can be described as a combination of punk attitude and alternative metal with catchy vocal melodies. 

The story of Stoned Statues began in 2019, when 22-year-old Allu Tanskanen and Markus Hakala, who have been making music together since childhood, met their peer Jenna Kosunen at Ahlman’s music education line in Tampere. The band rehearsed intensively and started booking gigs themselves around Finland. After numerous nights played, the band got a slot at the Smuggler Rock Festival, where the band’s gig convinced the right people – through the hype they received through word of mouth, Sakara Records ended up signing the band quickly.

For their debut album, Stoned Statues have toured all over Finland at almost all major festivals including Lost In Music, garnering nothing but praise for their live performances even abroad. They also got nominated for the Best Metal album of the year category in Emmas (Finnish Grammys) as well as the Best new act. Stoned Statues won the Best New Act award in Indie Awards 2023 (award gala for independent labels). Stoned Statues are to release their much awaited sophomore album on November this year.

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