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Tomi Saario is a platinum-selling songwriter, guitarist and artist. Already an Emma Award -winning artist, he began his professional musical journey before the pandemic hit, when he left Finland behind and headed to one of music’s greatest capitals – London.

However, Tomi didn’t expect things to happen on their own there, but seized every opportunity: in four years, the artist played well over 1,000 gigs.

In late 2019, after a bidding war between the three major labels, the artist signed a deal with Germany’s Sony Music to release his English-language debut EP I Think We Need To Talk… in summer 2021. Two years on, the artist has amassed over 21 million streams, a YleX Breakthrough Artist nomination, a Brit awards spotlight, Spotify chart positions and mentions from radio and TV stations across Europe.

The publication presents Tom as both a compelling storyteller and an artist with an innate knack for addictive pop hooks. With skillful melodies and lyrics, the artist gets straight to the heart and mind of the listener. This is explained by the artist’s musical background, which he started at the age of 5.

Now the artist has his sights set on a career in Finland as well. His first Finnish singles Q and Kerran viikos, released in the summer, are typically skilful and touching songs. We’re looking forward to hearing more lyrics and a skilful sound later this year.

As a songwriter, Saario is best known as the composer and lyricist of the record-breaking Ram Pam Pam by Bess. The song became the longest played #1 song on radio in Finnish history for 19 consecutive weeks, and also the most streamed song of 2022.

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