Lost In Music – Festivaali

Tuomo & Markus music is planted in genres such as Nordic Americana and indie folk, and the duo’s diverse music is influenced by jazz, soul and prog. Their debut album Dead Circles, released in 2016, collected five-star reviews in Finland, including Helsingin Sanomat and Rumba. The duo’s latest long-playing album, Game Changing, released in early 2023, also received a full five stars from Hesari. Tuomo & Markus tour regularly, especially in North America, but the duo are no strangers to the stages in their home country either.

Tuomo Prättälä on keyboards and Markus Nordenstreng on guitar are the band’s powerhouse duo, with virtuosic command of their instruments. Live the line-up will grow even more impressive as the duo is joined by bassist Jere Ijäs, steel guitarist Miikka Paatelainen and percussionist / trombonist Juho Viljanen. This will also happen at the Lost in Music gig in Tampere’s G Livelab, where trumpeter Verneri Pohjola will be the guest of honour!