Lost In Music – Festivaali

Uhrisavu, coming from Tampere, draws their inspiration strongly from both the past and the future.Uhrisavu, founded in 2022, combines 80s post-punk bands with influences from modern Eastern European aesthetics. Finnish melancholy is turned into songs that have attracted listeners and interest from all over the world. 

Having released three singles and three double singles in the past year, Uhrisavu is on the rise in Finnish alternative music scene. Future live performances and releases will capture new audiences with their hypnotic execution.

Lyrics, sung in Finnish, draw on the dystopian nature of the world and hopeless visions of the future.The band’s music frames life and death, despair and faith.

Uhrisavu will perform on Thursday 5.10. at Maanalainen as part of an evening curated by Radio Helsinki’s Korkeajännite programme.