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Lost In Music finalises its program – Olli Halonen, SHRTY and Vera Wall, Lost In Nordic night with Nordic stars and 16 Future Players names complete the festival’s line-up of nearly 100 artists

Lost In Music, Finland’s biggest showcase festival, which takes place from 4-7 October, announces its full line-up of almost 100 artists. Taking place in venues and clubs all over Tampere, the event will bring live music across different genres to the city, with the chance to hear some of the hottest pop artists of the day, as well as some undiscovered gems and the wildest specialities. ABREU, Gettomasa, Joalin, Paperi T, Turmion Kätilöt, Babel, Business City, Grande Mahogany, Jambo & band, Jesse Markin, Knife Girl, Markus Krunegård (SE), Nisa, Pesso, Rebekka Holi, Stoned Statues, TUULI, VIRTA, Yrjänä and dozens of others will perform at the festival.

Today, Olli Halonen, SHRTY and Vera Wall join the line-up, and earlier this week Lost In Music added Norwegian SKAAR and a sixteen-artist Future Players roster curated in collaboration with Radio Helsinki’s special programmes, including Klarissa, Pystyyn Kuolleet Hipit and SaintPolis.

The hottest pop music of the day at Lost In Music can be heard every night of the festival, including at Tullikamari and the new Tavara-Asema. The opening day of the festival on Wednesday will feature performances by the up-and-coming Aliisa Syrjä and TUULI, and the night of Lost In Nordic at Tavara Station showcases the Nordic talents Jesse Markin, who has also toured Europe, Markus Krunegård, who released his first Finnish-language album today, and young Norwegian star SKAAR. Lost In Music’s thursday will feature Etta, Joalin, Paperi T, Iisa, Olli Halonen, The Holy and Yrjänä among others. Friday will see big stage stars such as ABREU and Lauri Haav, while the emerging pop generation will be represented by the likes of Bee, Nisa and Pihlaja and Pesso. On Saturday, the festival culminates with the consistently popular Gettomasa, who will be seen on the Tullikamari stage, followed by rising names Senya and Good boys.

Lost In Music also offers a huge selection of more upbeat and heavier music, not forgetting the indie scene bubbling under the surface. On Wednesday, you can get a taste of modern metal right away with acts like Atlases and Mørket. On Thursday, you can dive into the heart of indie music with Babel, Lala Salama, Lake Jons and Rebekka Holi, while Bloodred Hourglass, One Morning Left and St. Aurora are among the heavyweights of the day. Industrial metal giants Turmion Kätilöt will star in Friday’s heavy music line-up at Tavara-asema and they will be backed by the up-and-coming Lähiöbotox and Stoned Statues. Friday will also feature Krypta, FM2000 and Kaksipäinen koira. Lost In Music’s rock and metal programme will be brought to a close on Saturday at Yo-talo by experienced live bands Nicole, Khroma and Penniless. For heavier music, this year’s venues include Hönö, Maanalainen, Olympia and Telakka.

Lost In Music will also feature roots music expertise. G Livelab will be the stage for Emilia Sisco’s authentic soul sound and Satu Lii’s soft folk pop, while country music influences will be brought to the festival by Tuomo & Markus, and Rakkaudella Janne, who will perform at Telakka on Saturday. Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä raha, who play their original Lapland-Balkan music, will perform at G Livelab on Friday.

The electronic music line-up at the city festival is also diverse, with the explosively popular techno band Business City and VIRTA, who straddle the boundary between jazz and electronic music. A special electronic music night will take place on Friday in Olympia.

All festival ticket types are now on sale, with options including the full four-day festival wristband and two- and three-day festival wristbands.Tickets for individual nights are also available at lostinmusic.fi/liput. It is also worth noting that all events at Maanalainen and O’Connell’s are free of charge.

LOST IN MUSIC, 4.-7.10.2023, Tampere

Abreu, Etta, Gettomasa, Joalin, Lauri Haav, Paperi T, Turmion Kätilöt

Aino & Hajonneet, Aliisa Syrjä, Annika Pudas, Atlases, Babel, Bee, Besra, Bloodred Hourglass, Bottenviken (SE), Business City, Bämä, Elsi Sloan, Emilia Sisco, Emma & Matilda, Ex Tuuttiz, FM2000, Gada, Goldielocks, Good Boys, Grande Mahogany, Iisa, Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha, Jambo & Band, Jarkko Martikainen, Jesse Markin, Kakku, Kaksipäinen Koira, Kaukolampi, Khroma, Knife Girl, Krypta, Lake Jons, Lala Salama, Lastout, Lähiöbotox, Markus Krunegård (SE), Modem, Moon Shot, Mørket, Moshimoshi, Nicole, Nisa, Nyrkkitappelu, Olli Halonen, One Morning Left, ONEVIOLIN, Palehørse, Penniless, Pesso, Pihlaja, Rakkaudella Janne, Rebekka Holi, Rock Band From Hell, Satu Lii, Senya, Shereign, Shrty, Skaar (NO), St. Aurora, Stoned Statues, The Holy, Tomi Saario, Tuomo & Markus, Tuuli, Vera Wall, Ville Veikka, Virta, Von Pearl, Yrjänä 


FUTURE PLAYERS – Lost In Music X Radio Helsinki

Aaltoja, Egokills, Elliott Webb, Ihme-Liisa, Ite Eerola, Jankan Eläinpuisto, Klara LaFleur, Klarissa, .Poolboys, Pystyyn Kuolleet Hipit, Roju, SaintPolis, Sikuriina, Uhrisavu, VoodooV, The Dedes